Different Types of Fraud in Costa Rica – How You Can Avoid It!

How to Avoid Scas and fraud in Costa RicaFraud in Costa Rica, believe it or not, seems to be endless. Fraud, whether it be real estate, marriage, investment, or squatters can cost you everything you have. The toll financially and emotionally from enduring such frauds goes without comment. I emphasize to my clients that always trust your instincts. If “it sounds too good to be true”, then it is!

Most of my clients contact me after sensing something just isn’t right. Many dismiss this feeling and delay action that could help them before it is too late. As a potential victim of a fraud you owe it to yourself to have your matter investigated by a professional fraud investigator.

The local print and electronic news services in Costa Rica report frauds on a daily basis. The OIJ which is the investigative branch of the National Police are understaffed and underfunded to deal with the amount of frauds that are reported to their agency.  Additionally, if you are not a Costa Rica citizen, your case will be given a very low status and probably will never be investigated in time. Read more