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Surveillance in Costa Rica

How Does Surveillance in Costa Rica Work? The most important stage of the surveillance in Costa Rica is getting to know the “subject” or as it is in many instances the suspected cheater. Information that would be necessary such as knowing what the cheating husband, cheating boyfriend, cheating wife, cheating girlfriend likes, dislikes, habits, type […]

Hiring a Costa Rica Private Investigator

Hiring a Costa Rica private investigator Hiring a Costa Rica private investigator requires a thorough vetting before engaging for services. Recently, I have had several people who have written me about their bad experiences with investigations that were conducted by investigators not living in Costa Rica. I have written several blog posts as well as […]

Searching Web for a Private Investigator in Costa Rica? Caution!

Caution When Searching Web for a Private Investigator in Costa Rica Searching the web for a private investigator Costa Rica? Caution! See sites that say they are the “premier” private investigation agency in Costa Rica? Others that say, “we are the only American-owned, full-time agency located in Costa Rica? (Actually, one such claim is completely […]

Real Estate Fraud Plagues Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate Fraud Real Estate fraud plagues Costa Rica with the announcement that police arrested four persons in connection with a $50 million dollar Real Estate fraud. According to numerous news sources the four arrested are lawyers and notaries. In Costa Rica all notaries have to be licensed attorneys. The paperwork that routinely […]

American in Costa Rica Based Fruad Goes to Jail

An American in Costa Rica based fruad goes to jail according to the US Justice Department. An America citizen charged in connection with the operation of a series of fraudulent business opportunities based in Costa Rica was sentenced to prison on Wednesday in Miami, the Justice Department announced. John White, aka Gregory Garrett, was sentenced by […]

Breaking news on Barbara Sturncova

Breaking news on Barbara Sturncova Barbara Sturrncova who went missing five years ago is in the news again. Apparently her male companion, William Ulner, was arrested today while attempting to board an airplane with his new bride by the FBI. He was arrested for using a fraudulent passport.  In the past, there has been much speculation about Ulner and […]