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Costa Rica Financial Investigations

Financial Investigations in Costa Rica

Our professional team has a broad network of resources within the financial industry community with specialist ranging from consumer banks to private financiers both nationally and internationally. Our team conducts Financial Investigations and analyses the risks so you don’t have to. Using our resources and network we can deliver an accurate and comprehensive risk analysis as well as development of evaluation procedures to evaluate and monitor accounting practices or transactions as well as internal and external business deals.

During times of economic hardships, regulatory government restrictions and an ever changing global economy, businesses are pressured and subsequently challenged to limit their exposure and liability. Where government regulations restricting and monitoring financial matters, companies are compelled to take proactive measures necessary to detect and prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing as well as other risks.

For the past 25 years, Cody L. Gear has assisted many companies meet and comply with regulatory requirements and strengthen existing procedures to meet those objectives.

Many companies are looking to broaden their market by expanding into other countries. Uniquely, our staff has established a relationship with specialist in Central/ South America and the Caribbean that permit for complete due diligence.

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