Alert for lead generators posing as private investigators

Alert for lead generators posing as private investigators

From time to time I have to write an alert for lead generators posing as private investigators here in Costa Rica. There are very few  private investigators here and the niche for investigative work is limited. There are only two (2) that have private investigator licenses and are legally allowed to work in Costa Rica. The rest should be viewed with a great deal of caution.

How do I determine a lead generator posing as a private investigator

First is relatively easy. When you read their brief description that Google provides, they will usually disclose that they are based somewhere else, like Arizona, California or Texas. Further clues can be found in their presentation with claims of “having qualified private investigators here in Costa Rica.” When in reality they sub contract the work to either a “tico” or some other “wannabe” private investigator, that, in all likelihood is neither qualified or trained to do this type of work.

Secondly, the lead generator, will refuse to identify or permit you to speak to their “investigator”. Let that sink in. In other words they want you to trust/share your private information with a third party that you have absolutely no information. Another sure sign that they are lead generators is their refusal to provide you with a valid private investigators license number. The lead generator will have one but the operative here will not. Which begs the question, “Why Not?” The reason, Costa Rica does not require a license for private investigators and offer not oversight of the industry.

Finally, Costa Rica is a small country where the private investigators here are well aware of the others and especially the lead generators. We try to Alert for lead generators posing as private investigators because we wind up having to take on someone else’s botched job. Be it that that are from the United states or Russia or tim buck two, they are easy to identify. Some even claim that they have been here for forty years. Some also tout they about ongoing cases which should be taken with a grain of salt. As I said earlier, this is a small country and the analytics suggest that inquiries for investigative services is quite low.

If you are not dealing directly with a private investigator here in Costa Rica and retain their services, don’t be surprised at the results you get. You get what you pay for. We provide the highest level of investigative services based on superior training and education. No other has the experience and education that we have.