Empty SJO Airport

Many of the phone calls I am getting now have one overriding theme, In my absence what has happened in Costa Rica? Certainly if you have an interest in Costa Rica you have probably have read things that have occurred and that the Government has done to deal with the Coviand crisis. Many have a loved one here and due to the distance and travel restrictions have endured several months of no physical contact with their loved ones.

Others have real property here and have had to rely on other people to oversee and protect their property during their absence. Others need to check on their tax status as there have been changes in the law that affect them. Whatever the case may be, it will be in your interest to consider the things we know.

The most common inquiry we get is about personal relationships that have been separated for a long time. Since the pandemic, travel has been severely hindered, making it impossible to visit Costa Rica. But, before we get into that, there are some things you need to know prior to coming. Currently the country is in turmoil due to the government passing new taxes. This has resulted in major civil unrest and protest. Tico’s protest by blocking traffic, so when you arrive and are stuck in traffic for hours this is the reason. For the most part it has been relatively docile.

However, there have been more instances of violence, especially in more impoverished areas of San Jose. A word to the wise would be learning the situation in the area you are attempting to visit. If your girlfriend lives in Desamparadas for example, you may want to meet her elsewhere until the civil unrest diminishes or subsides.

Now for your girlfriend. Many of the women who have been impacted by this pandemic are trying to survive. Unlike the United States, the government here has done nothing as far as pandemic relief for its people. Most are without jobs and are barely making it, Currently Costa Rica has the highest level of poverty in their history. This make people who are desparate for money do things that they may not have done in the past. For the most part they havehave done without since the panemic began.

Don’t be surprised that your special friend is, for all practical purposes, destitute. They need basics and have suffered for a long time. Using good judgment and evaluating the situation will help you help them the most. As far as their activities during this time being openly and freely discussed, I doubt seriously that you will learn much. During the “shutdown” almost all of the watering holes and beaches have been closed. Travel was restricted to specific hours and strictly enforced. Most night time travel was banned.

Viewing the economic circumstances as objectively as I can, I don’t expect the country will recover any time soon. It may take years to get back to a “normal” level. Given the government’s lack of preparation and willingness to help it’s people it may never recover.