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How to find a private investigator in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Private InvestigatorHow do I find a Private Investigator in Costa Rica? That seems to be the number one question that our colleagues get asked in the states. Followed by, When should I hire a privet investigator?  Honestly, both of the questions are 100% valid. Finding a Private Investigator is hard; finding an investigator in Costa Rica is even harder. If you want to find a Licensed, Trustworthy, Reliable, and Experienced investigator, you’re going to need some investigative skills of your own in order to find the right PI that will fit your needs.

If you found this article, it means you probably came from a Google Search. Because of the internet, now days, it seems that everyone is advertising private investigation services here in Costa Rica. But the fact of the matter is that most of the people, who are offering investigative services, are not even living in Costa Rica. We have checked out numerous establishments in the past, and found that many of them were bogus locations. An advertised company, about 2 years ago, was claiming to have a very prominent presence in San Jose, yet, upon further inspection of their offices, we ended up at a third floor parking lot. Google maps and Google Places are quickly putting a stop to bogus locations. And that’s a good thing for our profession.  Read more..