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Husband Cheating on you in Costa Rica?

Ceating HusbandIs your husband cheating on you in Costa Rica? You shouldn’t let him get away with it.  Cheating in Costa Rica is common-place and men always leave a trial.    Here at Cody Gear & Associates, we have developed a list of the most common signs of cheating spouses in Costa Rica. If you realize that your husband meets one or more of these characteristics, you owe it to yourself to find out and get the proof you need.

There are a number of websites that are nothing more than conduits for men travelling here to meet up with young, hot and ready Latin women. Make sure your husband or boyfriend is not advertising on these sites or alternately having a ongoing dialogue with sex tour guides.

As you read this blog, bear in mind that one of the easiest methods to catching a cheater is by setting the trap! Cheating men are more likely to cheat when they are out of town and away from familiar surroundings that might give them away. If they are travelling to Costa Rica and you are not, the likelihood of them getting into mischief is almost a given.

Prior to your husband or boyfriend leaving for Costa Rica on his “fishing trip” with his buddies, be guarded not to let him have any reason to think that you smell a rat! In other words as hard as it may be, make him feel comfortable that all is well in your relationship and that his going to a foreign country without you is not troubling you. By doing this you are setting the trap!

Usually, the first sign you will notice is the increase level of communication between him and his buddies about the upcoming adventure. You’ll notice him chuckling at text messages or hear him have conversations with his friends with limited content. Usually responding by “yes I’m looking forward to that” or “can I call you back/”. The point is you will notice that his conversations with his buddies all of a sudden have become vague and ambiguous.

The second thing you may notice is his lack of specificity as to the itinerary once they arrive at the San Jose International Airport. Lack of telephone information or computer access is common among men coming here to look for women. However, you should encourage him to give you as much information as possible in case of an emergency. After all he is travelling to a third world country and you are concerned about his safety.

The third thing and not necessarily in this order, is the purchase of new clothes, especially clothes for going out after fishing. Pay attention to his purchases of clothes as well as colognes and other things he customarily does not use in around you.

Fourthly, be on the alert for any unusual phone calls or text message from international calls with the country code of “506”. For you information, there are two distinct set of numbers for telephones in Costa Rica. Those beginning with “2” are land lines, those beginning with “8” are cell phones. If you see one of these by chance take note of it as it will aide any subsequent surveillance. This is particularly true if this not the first time your husband has come to Costa Rica.

Usually men that are married check in with their wives each day during the visit. Usually this check in comes around the same time every day and is usually followed by, “we are going out to eat and gamble.” Anywhere they go they will be confronted by young attractive and available Latin women asking them if they want companionship. This starts innocently enough with the buying of drinks then one thing leads to the other and the woman will ask him if he wants sex.

It has been my experience that the amount of alcohol consumed is commensurate with amount of resistance a man will muster to remain loyal to his wife and family. Of course the women here are in business and will move on if he says no or otherwise refuses to pay the going price.

We have years of experience in these matters and are considered the experts in capturing cheaters in Costa Rica. For more information call 321-218-9209.

Different Types of Fraud in Costa Rica – How You Can Avoid It!

How to Avoid Scas and fraud in Costa RicaFraud in Costa Rica, believe it or not, seems to be endless. Fraud, whether it be real estate, marriage, investment, or squatters can cost you everything you have. The toll financially and emotionally from enduring such frauds goes without comment. I emphasize to my clients that always trust your instincts. If “it sounds too good to be true”, then it is!

Most of my clients contact me after sensing something just isn’t right. Many dismiss this feeling and delay action that could help them before it is too late. As a potential victim of a fraud you owe it to yourself to have your matter investigated by a professional fraud investigator.

The local print and electronic news services in Costa Rica report frauds on a daily basis. The OIJ which is the investigative branch of the National Police are understaffed and underfunded to deal with the amount of frauds that are reported to their agency.  Additionally, if you are not a Costa Rica citizen, your case will be given a very low status and probably will never be investigated in time. Read more..

Costa Rica Travel Destinations – The Hawaii of Latin America

Costa Rica DestinationsConsidering a romantic or family Costa Rica vacation? You’re choosing one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Costa Rica has been called the Hawaii of Central America. A Costa Rica vacation is full of beauty, lush foliage, many wildlife surprises, incredible lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Activities on a Costa Rica vacation include bird and butterfly watching, surfing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, tree top (canopy) tours, four wheeling, snorkeling, shopping, hiking, river rafting, horse back riding and casinos. On a Costa Rica vacation you’ll find pristine beaches, tropical jungles, clear blue skies, high mountain rain forest, and tropical sun. That’s why Costa Rica was aptly named ‘rich coast’ by Christopher Columbus in 1502.

Nature is Costa Rica’s green card. Wildlife diversity and exceptional landscapes merge in a long list of untouched lands and protected areas that will get you involved in as many Costa Rica expedition activities and adventure sports as you can imagine.  Read more..