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Legal Services in Costa Rica

Cody L. Gear & Associates experience with numerous law firms understands the demands placed on lawyers by companies and clients. As technology advances at an unchecked pace, attorneys are finding themselves asked to produce more for less and to accomplish the legal objective quickly. Consequently, lawyers find themselves trying to maintain pace with electronic and technological advances while at the same time practicing law.

Cody L. Gear & Associates does not represent itself as an accounting firm and as such will not perform statutory audits that are administratively conducted by governmental agencies. Nor do we hold ourselves out to be a law firm and do not provide legal advice.

Our professionals assist law firms collect and organize evidence of all types. Because our professionals have extensive law enforcement backgrounds at all levels, we provide level of service found only in the most renown of much larger agencies. Our clients find our assistance to be invaluable in preparation for pending or new litigation.

Although our offices are located in Florida, we are willing and able to travel anywhere and assist your law firm or legal team, expand its preparation, collection and preservation of information vital to a successful and cost effective outcome.

Costa Rica Legal Services

  • Scene photography, video & evidence collection
  • Interviews & Sworn Statements
  • Chain-of-custody preservation
  • Evidence development
  • Background investigations of clients, defendants, experts and witnesses
  • Identification and location of assets
  • Verification of insurance
  • Financial document reviews such as HUD-1 and 1003?s
  • Fraud detection, prevention and recovery
  • Litigation damage evaluation
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Assisting in discovery
  • Expert-witness testimony
  • Strategies for restructuring of corporations
  • Pre- and post-bankruptcy strategies
  • International re-alignment
  • Replacement of existing management
  • Preparation of demonstrative/visual evidence
  • Electronic GPS surveillance
  • Miscellaneous litigation strategies & support
  • Flow chart development
  • Document preservation and management
  • Meaningful and comprehensive reports
  • Development of exhibits & diagrams
  • Witness screening
  • Background & internal investigations of law firm personnel
  • Screening of support staff
  • Evidence protection
  • Witness security

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