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Costa Rica Investigation Services

Costa Rica Investigation Services

Our Private Investigation services in the Latin American countries are second to none. We utilize a process of analysis, experience and action to provide professional investigative services to our clients in a reliable and expeditious manner. This, combined with a team of veteran professionals who possess the requisite educational and professional backgrounds, has demonstrated a track record of success in the following areas.

Cheating Spouses & General Investigations

Our operatives offer services in Central and South America. Currently, we have offices in San Jose Costa Rica and satellite office that extend from Mexico to Ecuador. Our seasoned professionals possess the requisite language skills to accomplish our clients’ objectives in this part of the world. We specialize in the following areas of investigations:

Fraud Intervention, Discovery and Recovery

Mr. Gear is a member of the American Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. As such our professionals specialize in fraud detection, perpetrator apprehension, prosecution and lost asset recovery. Our Fraud Prevention Private Investigation Services are offered by veteran professionals who were former local, state and federal law enforcement practitioners with extensive financial investigative backgrounds. Cody L. Gear & Associates have seasoned and professional recovery agents that have a proven track record of recovering lost, missing and/or hidden assets. Working in concert provides a formidable platform from which an individual or company can prevent, discover and recover.

Counter Surveillance Services

Often times our clients find them selves being the victim of surveillance. Either from other private investigation companies, or from stalkers, disgruntled employees, or corporate agents. Regardless of the case, our counter surveillance private investigation services will make sure that no one is going to catch you off guard. If you believe to be the victim of surveillance. Please, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Real Estate Fraud and Scams

Given recent revelations concerning the disastrous real estate and mortgage scandal there has been and continues to be ever increasing fraudulent real estate and mortgage fraud on an unprecedented scale. Undoubtedly it will be years before the impact of such activities will be known. Unfortunately those charged with protecting the interests of buyers, sellers, contractors, insurance companies and lending institutions have in many cases been the source of such fraudulent activities. + Real Estate Fraud Investigations

Legal Services

Aside from being the most trusted private investigation services company in Costa Rica, Our Legal Services are not far behind. Cody L. Gear & Associates understands the demands placed on lawyers by companies and clients. As technology advances at an unchecked pace, attorneys are finding themselves asked to produce more for less and to accomplish the legal objective quickly. Consequently, lawyers find themselves trying to maintain pace with electronic and technological advances while at the same time practicing law. + Costa Rica Legal Services

Immediate & Interim Crisis Management

Our staff of professionals have expertise in guiding individuals and companies through crises. When a crisis presents itself often it is necessary to have outside intervention to assess and control the damage objectively. Alternatively, working with or development of a crisis team to stabilize the situation and quickly mobilize available resources toward recovery.

Reliable Evaluation of Struggling or Distressed Companies

Our proven staff can respond and provide immediate assistance to companies that are struggling or are in distress, our professionals are ready and available to work with principals and/or management in restoration of financial stability. We specialize in entering situations where the company has fallen on economic hard times as the result of fraud and provide direction to recovery.

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