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Costa Rica Investigations AgencyThe Premier Costa Rica Investigations Agency

Cody L. Gear & Associates was established in 1990 in Orlando, Florida. In 1997 Cody Gear opened up a second branch and headquarters in San Jose Costa Rica in order to cover the numerous service requests for Latin American investigations that he was receiving in Orlando.

Today, Cody Gear offers private investigation services to all of Latin America – to Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador Belize, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and the Caribbean. Thanks to having access to the latest investigative equipment, Cody L. Gear & Associates is able to offer unsurpassed investigative services.

Aside of having the best technology available to successfully perform investigations, our combination of experience and education allows us take approaches to successfully complete complicated and complex investigations in a safe, moral, and legal atmosphere.

Our mission statement is simple

To facilitate our client’s decisions by obtaining the right evidence through high quality and timely investigative services.

What makes us different:

All of your investigations are handled by one investigator from start to finish. This allows our investigators to focus on one case at a time to eradicate errors that may arise during an investigation. Additionally, our founder, Cody L. Gear, a retired Police Chief and Law School graduate, has the experience to not only manage successful investigations, but manage investigations in a legal, moral and safe way.  All of our clients receive a concise and detailed report about the investigation that is able to stand the scrutiny of any court room.

Additionally, our staff is composed of 100% bilingual private investigators who are able to communicate with the community. Our investigators have the local knowledge and the cultural education to be able to successfully complete an investigation in a timely manner and with less risks than a foreign investigative agency.

As the most trusted and reliable Costa Rica Investigations Agency, you can rest assure that our staff will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss any needs that you may have.

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